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7 Reasons Why Our Massage Gift Certificates Are The Perfect Gift This Christmas.

December 8th, 2020

Are you stuck for a gift for a mum-to-be or a new mum?  Or maybe you need to give the in-laws ideas for your Christmas gift?

Our pregnancy, postnatal and women’s remedial massage gift certificates are exactly what you need.  A beautiful relaxing and releasing massage treatment specifically tailored to the individual with our highly skilled massage therapists is all any mum needs to feel loved, nurtured and valued this Christmas.

Here are 7 more reasons why our massage gift certificates will be a huge hit on Christmas Day.

  1. Mood Boost

With COVID-19 amongst the everyday regular stresses of life, 2020 has been  incredibly challenging for most people.  Massage has been shown to aid in the release of oxytocin, a feel-good hormone.   It also increases the production of serotonin and dopamine.  Imagine providing a loved one with the gift of therapeutic touch; a mood boosting massage that lasts long after the experience itself.  It gets them out of the house which in itself could be the mood boost they desperately need!

  1. Gift An Experience Rather Than Stuff

While receiving the latest gadget or a beautiful whats-it from time to time is lovely, sometimes you just don’t want any more “stuff”.  One more thing to dust, a spot that needs to found to put whats-it on/in, oh and don’t forget something that needs to be wrapped.  So, if you are taking the “minimalist” approach to life, considering experiences rather than stuff, massage gift certificates are perfect.  Plus they are minimalist when it comes to the purchasing process to, available instantly online 24/7 . What more could you ask for!

  1. Environmentally Friendly

For those environmentally conscious, our gift certificates aren’t plastic, you don’t even have to print them out if you would prefer not to.  All we need is the gift certificate number for redemption so you could even get creative on how you want to present your present. ?

  1. The Gift Of Self-Care

Some people are wonderful givers.  They give of themselves to everyone, everyday with no expectation of thanks or rewards.  We all know that person, perhaps that is you! These types of people rarely take time out for themselves.   A massage is a way for the carer to be cared for!  It is also self-care for the purchaser….who really wants to tackle the shops, especially at the eleventh hour, gift certificates take the stress out of shopping and are available online 24/7.

  1. It’s Quiet, Therefore Relaxing

Even if it takes you or the person you are gifting to, the whole massage just to wind down, it’s a place where you can’t help but chill out.  Sometimes we all need to take a breath, a small piece of quiet and tranquillity can be found in our clinic.  No noise cancelling headphones required!  This is time just for you.

  1. Investment In Health & Wellbeing

Massage is an investment in the health and wellbeing of the recipient.   What says I love you more than receiving a gift that is all about the persons health and wellbeing, benefiting their body, mind and soul.   It is also an investment in the purchaser’s health and wellbeing, not having to deal with deciding what to buy, working out where to park the car, dealing with masses of people in shopping centres and awesome for that “oh crap I forgot to buy for” scenario.  You can purchase them online 24/7 and no one will ever now that you almost forgot to get them something.

  1. Total Recharge

The festive season signifies the end of another year.  The good, the bad and the sometimes ugly!  The season itself can sometimes leave you feeling exhausted and flat, what better pick me up post-Christmas than a massage.  Move into 2021 feeling totally recharged and ready to go!


You can purchases gift certificates for a specific treatment option or opt for a dollar amount.   They can be purchased ONLINE 24/7 (even on Christmas Day if you need to!)

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