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What’s The Best Age to Start Baby Massage Classes?

March 13th, 2017

The evidence-based First Touch Infant Massage Program is intended for babies between 0-12 months. Having said that, there are a couple considerations in choosing the best time to sign up for baby massage classes.

Generally speaking, it is much easier to get started with baby massage classes before baby starts to crawl. The massage and positioning can be modified to suit more active and mobile babies.   And the program includes strategies to support the continuation of massage well beyond infancy. Just to give you an idea, many of the babies in my baby massage classes are between 6 weeks and 6 months, but there have been babies either side of that age bracket too. Of course, the earlier families can begin incorporating quality relationship-based infant massage into their lives, the earlier they can reap the life-long benefits.

Ultimately, it comes down to whenever mum feels ready to get out and about with baby. It really is a personal thing and this timing will be different for everyone.  I often have mum’s whose first outing with baby on their own is to come to my First Touch Program.  I feel extremely honoured in these cases, and I take this responsibility very seriously doing all I can to ensure this experience is a positive one.  The venues I choose for my baby massage classes are very baby-friendly (and mum-friendly too!). They are comfortable and  relaxed environments.. And there’s always a cuppa, a friendly chat and a snack to go along with it too!   

There are new baby massage classes starting all the time.  Check HERE for upcoming dates.  

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