Nanny Service

**Nanny service is currently on hold in light of current restrictions relating to Covid-19. We will review this status as more information is made available.**

Your In-Clinic Nanny Service Is Here!

We are super excited have on offer our Nanny Service to help mums get the massage treatment they need after baby is born (or when juggling a toddler while pregnant!).

We’ve taken the all the hassle out of finding and screening a babysitter, and the need to prepare EVERYTHING ahead of time to cover the duration that you will be away.  Our mums told us time and time again that it’s been a huge challenge to co-ordinate care for your baby/children in order to attend massage appointments to support your own self-care after baby is born.

We also understand that the weekends are hectic and it’s prime time for families to spend time together.  So rather than take up this precious time on Saturdays, you can now come in for your massage appointment and have bub/toddler cared for in our clinic by our beautiful nanny.

We are extremely fortunate to have our nanny Nadine onboard to help us with this service. Check out Nadine’s Bio on our team page HERE.

Nanny appointments are currently available on Thursdays 9.45am to 1.15pm.

How Our Nanny Service Works

We provide a safe place for our nanny to care for your child in our clinic, enabling you to get the treatment you need in order to take care of yourself.

Our nanny will care for your child in our reception area while you are getting your massage just down the hall. Whether your child is asleep in the pram or full of energy and eager to play, our nanny is experienced with babies and children of all ages and will engage with them and care for them in an age appropriate manner.

To be clear, your child/children have our nanny’s complete attention.  There aren’t any other families or children being cared for in the same session.

·         Arrive 15mins Before Your Massage Appointment Time

We recommend arriving approximately 15mins before (or more if you need) your massage appointment time to come in, meet our nanny, fill in an enrolment for your child, feed and get your child settled-in with the nanny. If your child has allergies or health concerns, please list these on the enrolment form. And if you have special instructions for the nanny regarding your child, pop these on the enrolment form too.

Tip:  Separation and stranger anxiety starts in children around 6-8 months old and peaks at 14-18 months old. This is a very normal part of development, and we are here to help and support you and your child in any way possible. This article has some tips and strategies that may help during this period:

·         Enjoy Your Massage

The beauty of having your child cared for onsite is that they are right down the hall from where you are having your massage.

Our nanny will soothe, play and interact with your child, but sometimes children just need their mum. In consultation with you, we will bring your child into the massage room so they can see you, get a cuddle/reassurance, or a top-up feed as required. The comfort and care of both mother and child is our priority.

Babies and children are unpredictable and we will go with the flow, and simply take it as it comes on the day.

·         After Your Massage

After you return to the reception area after your massage, you will have a few minutes to grab a glass of water/tea, go to the toilet etc and then the nanny will hand-over your child to you.

Feel free to use our reception area after your massage for as long as you need. Perhaps you need to feed, or don’t want to move your sleeping baby just yet, or maybe you want to hang out and chat for a little bit.  It’s entirely up to you.

Please be aware that there may be a client booked after you and during this period, the nanny will be focused on getting the incoming family settled in so this mum can get off to her massage on time.


What To Bring

  • Nappy Bag – spare nappies, wipes, spare change of clothes in case of a poo-explosion! Our nanny will change nappies as required, and bottle feed/give snacks as instructed by you.
  • A favourite toy/blanket to give your child something familiar to play with. We also have a few toys suitable for babies and young child to discover too.

How to Book Nanny + Massage Appointments

Nanny massage appointments can now be BOOKED ONLINE 

Click through to the online booking calendar.  When choosing location, it’s the second one titled “NANNY SERVICE @ Catherine Dore Perinatal & Infant Massage (Taringa)”.


When Are Nanny Appointments Available?

Nanny appointments are currently available on Thursdays 9.45am to 1.15pm.  Appointments duration is 60 minutes only.

Our usual cancellation/reschedule/missed appointment policy applies to this service. You can find details of this policy during the online booking process.  Or you can read the policy terms HERE (scroll down toward bottom of page)

Can’t find an appointment at the time/day you want?  Simply send us an email/Facebook message and we’ll add you to our Wait List.  If a spot opens up, you will be the first to know!


What Is The Cost & Is It Covered By Health Funds?

If you have private health insurance cover for remedial massage, the health fund rebates is available on the massage amount only.  The nanny service is an additional fee.

The nanny service fee is currently $22.00 in addition to the usual massage.  This covers a 1 hour massage (full nanny fee is $33.00). It is the same fee regardless of whether you have 1 or 2 children being cared for.