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One Thing NOT to Worry About With Infant Massage Classes

January 12th, 2017

A common concern amongst many mums considering my infant massage courses, is they are worried that their baby’s crying will disturb the class.  I certainly appreciate why this may be a concern, but here to reassure you that it’s not an issue at all.

In the all my years of teaching infant massage, here’s what I’ve learned……Babies run on their own timetable, and ALL babies cry; it’s just what they do sometimes.  Crying is just one of the many ways a can baby express themselves.  And rather than viewing a baby’s cry as a disruption to class, I prefer to think of it as baby’s way of telling us they need something to change.  Maybe they need a feed, a new nappy, they can’t reach their toy, they need a nap etc.  And maybe they just need a cuddle, to be close to you, smell you, hear your voice, feel your warmth.  When we respond to a baby’s cry, or any behavioural cue for that matter, we are actually entering into a conversation with them.  Granted, we don’t always know exactly what that need is.  But it is here, in the conversation/dance, that we begin to lay the foundations of trust within the parent-infant relationship.  

In order to make my class participants feel comfortable, I purposely seek out baby friendly venues for my infant massage courses, and boutique style clinic in Taringa is no exception.  It is a very warm, welcoming and homely environment. The clinic is well equipped with a change table, undercover parking, lift access and is extremely mum and baby friendly!  The First Touch Infant Massage Program has flexibility built into it and also allows plenty of time for questions and revision of material as necessary.  The most important thing is that you take care of yourself and your baby’s needs first.  The rest, we will work out as we go along,…I promise!

Please be assured there is absolutely no reason to worry about your baby crying in class.  Don’t let this be the thing that stops you from learning a beautiful skill that will support your baby’s physical and mental development and further enhance the relationship with your baby, now and for many years to come.   


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