Pregnancy Massage

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There’s a lot on your mind when you’re pregnant.  It’s a tiring time and often an anxious time.  Your body is going through significant change, and soon your life will be too.  In preparing for a new bub to arrive, the last thing you need is pain holding you back! Pregnancy Massage delivers relief from muscular pain, and allows you to get on with the important nesting (and resting!) work you have ahead of you.

If you’ve already made up your mind and would like to make an appointment, simply book online to lock in your preferred time.

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Choosing a Pregnancy Massage Specialist

Pregnancy Massage is a specialised area of massage therapy.  When deciding on a practitioner, qualifications and experience in this area of massage are just as important as location and availability.

Catherine is a certified pregnancy massage therapist, with the firm foundation of remedial massage. These qualifications combined with her experience in practising pregnancy massage are a rare find and a testament to her passion for this niche area of massage.  Catherine’s work with pregnant women over the years has given her experience across a wide range of conditions.  She takes special consideration with each patient’s unique circumstances.

You can feel comfortable in calling us prior to making a booking in order to discuss how the massage is conducted, the safety aspects (understand why side lying and semi reclining are important), our experience with certain conditions and any other points you would like to clarify.  We are available to answer your questions (big and small).  Just give us a call.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Regular treatment will enable greater access to the benefits, which are real and significant for both mum-to-be and bub.   Research supports the testimonials of my patients, and confirms that the benefits of regular pregnancy massage extend well beyond relief from muscular tension.  When you book a regular massage, you can expect relief from swelling of feet and hands, easing of tension headaches, improved circulation, better quality sleep, relief from lower back and neck pain and reduced stress and anxiety levels.

What the research tells us

Pregnancy massage is a well-researched area of health, with significant benefits. Here’s what researchers have to say:

  • Improved Quality of Sleep for the Mum to Be – massage increases the production of serotonin and melatonin which regulate our sleep rhythms, thus producing positive effects on sleep quality.  (Field, T., et al, 1999) 
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety – massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol, and at the same time it increases the feel good hormones that improve mood, immunity, vitality and also decrease pain levels.    (Field, T. & Diego, M., 2008)
  • Reduced Swelling – swelling of the feet, and to a lesser extent the hands, is quite common during pregnancy.  Massage encourages the movement and redistribution of fluid that has pooled in the extremities, reducing associated tightness and pain.  (Cobin, A., Sirin, A., 2010)
  • Lower Stress Hormones in Baby – research shows that mothers suffering with depression that received massage throughout their pregnancy had babies with cortisol levels lower than those that didn’t receive massage throughout their pregnancy.  (Field, T., et al, 2005)
  • Relief of Muscular Pain and Cramping – massage relieves muscular tension & reduces motor neuron activity which can help calm leg cramps, for example.  Massage also assists with neck & shoulder pain, tension headaches, lower back pain or discomfort. (Weerapong, P., Hume,  P.A., Kolt, G.S., 2005)
  • Decreased Likelihood of Premature Birth – mums that received massage regularly were less likely to have a premature birth than those that did not receive massage at all. (Field, T., 2010)

“Catherine’s help each fortnight from 26 weeks kept me going! I can’t thank her enough for working through my lower back pain and niggly discomforts. Second time around, my back held up right to the end and my kankles stayed under control, even though I was on my feet all day with a toddler in the house! Eternally grateful for her help.”

MJ, Mt Gravatt

Are you ready to feel relief?

If you are experiencing a normal pregnancy in accordance with your perinatal care provider (eg Obstetrician, Midwife), go ahead and secure an appointment now, we would love to help you.

If you have experienced any spotting, bleeding, abdominal cramping, had an Amnionic Fluid Test within the last 3 weeks, or have other high risk conditions, please check with your Obstetrician or perinatal care provider to ensure massage is safe for you and your baby at this time.

Remedial Pregnancy Massage Consultation Prices

60 mins            Initial    $148    Follow Up    $135

90 mins            Initial    $190    Follow Up    $180

*Prices subject to change without notice

Health fund rebates may apply. 

Initial appointments include a compulsory consultation and physical assessment which may take up to 10-15mins depending on the complexity of the persons condition or health history.  New clients are encouraged to arrive approximately 10mins prior to their appointment time to fill out health history forms.

Subsequent appointments also include a consultation and physical assessment but this tends to be a little shorter as the groundwork has already been done in the initial appointment session.

Aside from being a legal requirement, this process ensures the safety of our clients and helps the practitioner to formulate a treatment plan for the session in order to address the client’s concerns in a safe and effective manner.  Your safety and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us.