Hi, I’m Catherine Dore

"It takes a village to raise a child"

The above quote is one of my favourites. When a village raises a child, the child grows up in a love-filled, nurturing community where parents are given the gift of sharing their parenthood with an entire support network.

My aim is to be just one hut in your village. Or to put it in today’s terms, one support hub in your Brisbane patch. Not only do I provide pregnancy massage, postnatal massage, remedial massage and baby massage classes, but I also offer a listening ear if you want it; and I’m humbled that many mothers trust me to be their sounding board and/or confidant. Keep reading...


“The infant massage was particularly useful, especially for teaching me ways to ‘read’ my son, and learning different techniques to calm him and relieve tummy pain.”  

Katherine Matthews, son 3 months

“I’m so pleased I found Catherine. She’s been such a positive part of my baby journey from the start, and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Heidi Lewis, daughter 12 months

Testimonial for Catherine Dore pregnancy & baby massage

“After having my babies I continued to seek out Catherine’s services. It was great to give my sore, tired muscles and body some attention. I always come away from an appointment feeling much calmer and my muscles much more relaxed.”

Tina Fielder, twin girls, 18 months

Testimonial for catherine dore postnatal and baby massage

“Catherine is a thoughtful, knowledgeable practitioner who put us both at ease. Best massage I’ve had, and from the contented look on my son’s face he loves the massage techniques we learnt too. Highly recommend the infant massage course for bonding, confidence and techniques to…

Tina Walker, son 9 months

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